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How To Set Up The Zoom Integration (Installation & Usage)
How To Set Up The Zoom Integration (Installation & Usage)

Use this setup guide to activate the native call recording solution from Hume and Zoom.

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Use this setup guide to activate the native call recording solution for Aspect and Zoom.

  • You and your candidates will have a smoother hiring experience where the recording notification and controls are directly out of the Zoom UI

    • Please note that ending or pausing the Zoom recording using the Zoom UI will end the call recording.

  • Best-in-class recording compliance out of the box: with Zoom's native recording feature, you are always call recording compliant without anything to do on your end

  • Best-in-class video quality for a better Aspect experience

1. Zoom Setup Instructions

In your Zoom Account, go to Admin > Account Management > Account Settings > Recordings Tab

Ensure the toggle for "Cloud recording", in the top right corner, is enabled. You must also enable "Create audio transcript", under "Advanced cloud recording settings". See screenshot below. We recommend locking these settings for all users. Further, we recommend checking the setting "Record active speaker with shared screen". Finally, press the Save button to save your changes.

Also make sure that Automatic recording is enabled, and that "Recording in the cloud" is selected.

You can leave this setting unlocked if individual users within your organization wishes to disable Cloud recordings.

A bit further down the page we recommend enabling the setting Delete cloud recordings after a specified number of days, and setting the number of days to 3.

We also highly recommend enabling Recording notifications - Zoom clients, and set Play voice prompt for to "all participants". This will ensure you adhere to recording compliance.

Using the Zoom in-call note-taker

Our in-app widget for Zoom is a powerful tool designed to enhance your interview process by simplifying the note-taking and collaboration process. With this widget, you can seamlessly take notes and highlight key moments during a Zoom interview without ever having to leave the Zoom application..

During the live call, you can easily bookmark important highlights and add tags to your notes to help you stay organized. After the call, you can share snippets of the conversation with other team members and collaborate more efficiently by adding comments to the transcript.

After the call, any highlights or notes you mark during the interview will be visible inside Aspect on your call timeline.

As well as in you reaction feed where your teammates can leave their thoughts as well.

Uninstall the Zoom integration

  1. Login to your Zoom account and navigate to your Zoom app marketplace

  2. Click Manage > Installed Apps or search for the Aspect app

  3. Click the Aspect app

  4. Click Uninstall

7. Usage of Scopes

  • View your meetings/meeting:read

This scope is used to list upcoming and past meetings, so that the user can choose which recordings to import into Aspect

  • View your recordings/recording:read

This scope is used to read recordings and import the media files to Aspect, so that we can transcribe the media file(s)

  • View your user information/user:read

This scope is used to display logged in user's name and email

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