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How does Aspect help me as an interviewer?

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At Aspect, we understand the importance of focusing on the candidate during an interview. Our AI-powered platform helps you streamline the interview process, improving efficiency and fostering a more equitable hiring experience. In this article, we'll answer common questions about using Aspect and how it benefits both interviewers and candidates.

How does Aspect AI improve the interviewer's experience?

Aspect AI allows interviewers to concentrate on the candidate, rather than taking notes. Our platform provides structured interview questions, easy collaboration with hiring teams, and a more equitable hiring process by removing subjectivity.

What should I say if a candidate asks why we record our interviews?

When addressing candidates' concerns about recording interviews, it's important to provide clear and comprehensive reasons for doing so. Here are some detailed explanations you can share with candidates:

  1. Enhanced focus on the conversation: Recording interviews allows interviewers to fully concentrate on the conversation, without the distraction of taking notes. This leads to a more engaging and meaningful dialogue between the interviewer and the candidate.

  2. Improved accuracy in decision-making: Memory recall tends to decline significantly after an interview. By recording the conversation, we ensure that our hiring decisions are based on the candidate's merit and the specific details of their responses, rather than relying on our potentially flawed memory.

  3. Promoting a fair and equitable hiring process: Aspect AI helps create a more equitable hiring process by ensuring that all candidates receive the same questions and experience. Recording interviews allows hiring managers to refer back to specific questions and answers, compare candidates objectively, and make well-informed decisions.

  4. Structured interviews for better assessment: Recording interviews with Aspect AI ensures that the interviews are well-structured and thoughtfully planned. This gives candidates the best opportunity to showcase their relevant experience and qualifications, as well as demonstrate their suitability for the role.

  5. Efficient collaboration among interviewers: With multiple interviewers involved in the hiring process, recorded interviews make it easier for the team to coordinate and share insights. This minimizes the chances of candidates being repeatedly asked the same questions and helps create a smoother, more organized interview experience.

  6. Transparency and accountability: Recording interviews with Aspect AI fosters transparency and accountability within the hiring process. The recordings serve as a reference for hiring teams to review and ensure that they adhere to the company's hiring policies and standards, promoting fair and unbiased decision-making.

By explaining these benefits, you can reassure candidates that recording interviews is in their best interest and contributes to a more efficient, equitable, and well-informed hiring process.

Will candidates know they are being recorded?

During Zoom interviews, candidates see a "Recording" indicator in the top-left corner. Interviewers can also enable active consent, requiring candidates to agree to the recording before entering the Zoom meeting.

Is using Aspect AI optional for candidates?

Yes, both interviewers and candidates can choose to opt-out. If a candidate decides not to be recorded, the interview structure and decision process will remain the same, and their decision won't affect their candidacy.

What if the candidate doesn’t want to be recorded?

If a candidate prefers not to be recorded, stopping the recording is simple. For phone interviews, press the "Cancel Recording" button. In Zoom, use the stop button in the top-left corner or the control window.

Will Aspect AI take notes for me?

Yes, Aspect AI provides full transcriptions, annotations of key moments, and bullet-point summaries after your interview.

Who can access interviews conducted using Aspect AI?

The hiring team for the role and the talent team can view interviews. If necessary, interviews can be made private in Aspect AI.

Can candidates request a copy of their recordings?

Yes, candidates can request a copy of their recording and transcript by emailing [email protected].

Embrace the efficiency and ease of Aspect AI in your hiring process, and provide a seamless, professional experience for both interviewers and candidates. Get started with Aspect AI today and elevate your talent acquisition strategy.

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