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Greenhouse < > Aspect Integration setup
Greenhouse < > Aspect Integration setup
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In this guide we'll go over how to setup Greenhouse < > Aspect integration.

After setting it up integration will automatically sync Jobs and Candidates in your Greenhouse organization to your Aspect organization. You'll also have ability to sync Aspect interview summaries into Greenhouse.

Aspect needs need Greenhouse API Key to programmatically access your Greenhouse organization data. To acquire it, in your Greenhouse account, go to 'Dev Center' -> 'API Credential Management':

Then click on 'Create New API Key':

In dialog that opens select Harvest for API Type, leave Partner unselected:

New dialog will be opened with API Key generated by Greenhouse:

Securely store it for the time being and click on I have stored the API Key. You will be taken to permissions view for that API Key - select Select All checkbox to give it all permissions for Greenhouse Harvest API. When you select it it should look like this:

Click Save.

Now that we've successfully created Greenhouse Harvest API Key let's go to Aspect organization settings. One important note is that for feature of pushing interview summaries to candidates in Greenhouse app you'll have to log in to Aspect with same email that has admin privileges in Greenhouse account.

There are 2 inputs:

  • API Key - paste API Key we've created in above steps here

  • Webhook Secret - write any value here, we'll use this value to configure Greenhouse webhooks later

Click Update, if you entered wrong API Key you will be warned. In case everything was ok you'll see notification and 3 new buttons:

  • Test - you can click on it to confirm your Greenhouse API Key works

  • Sync - to immediately sync Greenhouse Jobs and Candidates to your Aspect organization, useful if webhooks fail

  • Delete - to delete your Greenhouse integration

We're almost then - only thing left to do is to setup webhooks from Greenhouse to Aspect so that Aspect always hash the freshest Greenhouse data. To do so you'll need to copy 2 things:

  • Webhook Secret - press Show first to make it visible

  • Webhook Endpoint

Go back to your Greenhouse account Dev Center -> Web Hooks:

You should see the following view:

We'll create multiple webhooks, all of them will have same Endpoint URL and Secret key values:

  • Endpoint URL - this is Webhook Endpoint value copied from Aspect app in Greenhouse integration settings

  • Secret key - this is Webhook Secret you entered in Aspect app while creating Greenhouse integration

Now it is time to create the following webhooks. It is important that you add all of these webhooks to get a 1:1 sync between Greenhouse and Aspect.

  • job_created

  • job_updated

  • new_candidate_application

  • new_prospect_application

  • delete_candidate

  • update_candidate

  • candidate_stage_change

The above are the webhook event names. Inside the Greenhouse UI where webhooks are added, these event names correspond to the following names:

Event name

UI name


Job created


Job updated


Candidate has submitted application


Prospect created


Delete candidate


Candidate or prospect updated


Candidate has changed state

After each webhook creation you should see success notification from Greenhouse.

You're good to go.

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